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Forest Bathing Experience At The Habitat Penang Hill

Popularly known in Japan as shinrin-yoku, this ecotherapy experience is sure to uplift your overall health and state of mind. “Shinrin-yoku”, or forest bathing, has its roots in Japan, but you can now experience this meditative nature therapy without the need to fly to Japan.

Photo Credit : Facebook | The Habitat Penang

The trend has its roots in Japan in the 1980s, as part of a state initiative to encourage locals to reconnect with nature.

Shinrin-yoku is the act of taking in the forest through all your five senses.

Not to be confused or mixed up with hiking; forest bathing is actually about simply being present in nature by consciously connecting with its sights, smells and sounds. Like this :

Forest bathing in Penang’s ancient rainforest

For a more structured experience, there are also guided forest bathing sessions you can opt for. Closer to home, The Habitat Penang Hill has introduced a new forest therapy programme.

Photo Credit : Facebook | The Habitat Penang

This two-and-a-half-hour session takes you through a slow walk along a trail through the lush, ancient rainforest, as well as a mix of breathing exercises, meditation, aromatherapy, and tea tasting.

Photo Credit : Facebook | The Habitat Penang

According to The Habitat, benefits of forest bathing include improving immunity and quality of sleep and reducing anxiety, and cancer prevention, among others — claims that are backed by research and studies conducted on the subject.

The Forest Bathing experience at The Habitat Penang Hill is available from Fridays to Sundays at 10 am. Visit their official website to find out more.

Photo Credit : Facebook | The Habitat Penang



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