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Fasting Hours For Muslims From Different Part Over The Globe

Today is the starting or the first day of Ramadan in Malaysia for 2020, the holy month will be observed by millions of Muslims all over the world by fasting from sunrise until sunset.

In Malaysia itself, we fast for 13 hours and 20 minutes (+/-) starting from 6 am in the morning, until 7.20 pm, according to the sunset and the sunrise timing, it will also change slightly afterwards. Because of the fasting period are according to the sunset and sunrise, some country like Finland where the sunset can be as short as only 55 minutes, fasting in that area certainly not an easy one.

Many Hours Muslims Fast In Different Country?

Roughly around 1.8 billion people all over the world would be celebrating Ramadan 2020 this year and they all have different durations of fasting based on their geography. For instance, people that located nearby the artic circle like Finland or Sweden might need to fast up until 22 to 23 hours daily.

Meanwhile, in European Country like Spain, Germany, France and many more, they are expected to observe an average duration for about 15 to 17 hours of fasting during Ramadan and due to the geographical location, UK (although they in Europe) will need to be fasting longer. Nearly 18 hours because they are nearer to the artic.

This long fasting hours also will be observed by Muslims that lives in Canada with approximately 19 hours will be their longest and followed by the USA that will be fasting around 14-16 hours per day while in South America, Muslims over there will be fasting for 9 to 12 hours a day.

Fasting Hours in Australia and Africa

Australia located below the Equator and geographically; Muslims devotees will need to fast around 11 to 12 hours during the fasting month. Meanwhile, the African region might observe an average fasting duration since they are the closest to the Equator.

On the other hands, Asian countries like India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and more that are located nearby, Muslims are expected to fast around 14 to 16 hours a day, depending on the closeness to the Equator. Yes, that includes us in Malaysia. We will be fasting more than 13hours daily.

But again, you need to remember that no matter how long the fasting hours would be, Ramadan is all about the love, devotion and thankfulness that one has towards Allah, and that makes it an auspicious and beloved month for!


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