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Explore A Change Of Work Scenery With A Remote Working Getaway

Looking for a change of pace and inspiration to rejuvenate your remote working lifestyle? A recent study by US-based security service Kisi found that KL-lites have among the lowest work-life balance globally, ranking 4th among the most overworked cities in the world, as remote working has led to increasingly blurred lines between work and everyday life.

Similarly, a YouGov survey commissioned by Airbnb indicates shifting trends in how Malaysians are looking to work, travel and live in these new times :

Remote working is on the rise, with 40% of Malaysians currently adopting this new lifestyle, and 21% seeking to work remotely in the future

The prospect of a work-cation is highly popular in Malaysia as 78% are interested in living and working from somewhere other than home for an extended period, citing a change of scenery as the most appealing aspect of this nomadic lifestyle, along with the opportunity to reinvigorate their work life.

73% of Malaysians are looking forward to travelling within their country, showing a growing trend in living and working from anywhere across the region

● Additional data also show that main searches for Airbnb amenities include WiFi connectivity and pet-friendly homes, further supporting the trend of people are looking to combine working and travelling

Here are some ideas for a ‘work-cation’ getaway near you, that offer everything from a creative inspiring work setup to stunning views, and relaxing facilities for winding down in the evening.

These Airbnb Hosts have also committed to Airbnb’s 5-step Enhanced Clean process - a set of standards developed in partnership with experts.


For the solo worker or a duo, this cosy space located in the heart of Malacca boasts a view of the Straits of Malacca from the balcony.


Take a short trip with your family and enjoy a ‘work-cation’ mere minutes away from popular Jonker Walk, making it easy to pop out for meals after work or on your lunch break.

Kuantan, Pahang

Located on Sg Karang Beach in Pahang, this homey listing will allow anyone to get away from city life and settle into work with the sound of waves to accompany you every morning.

Paka, Terengganu

For guests who'd like to be more in touch with mother nature, this listing is set on a compound with a beautiful view of the river. It is also equipped with fun activities such as kayaking, archery and fishing for guests to indulge in after work.

Source : Airbnb



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