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ESCAPE Opening Its Showcase Indoor Theme Park at Paradigm Mall, PJ

ESCAPE Challenge is an indoor adventure theme park which brings the ESCAPE brand of outdoor play & retro-eco fun to the urban setting, giving today’s urbanites an escape from their sedentary lifestyle of indoor leisure & entertainment, and isolation from the outdoors.

ESCAPE Challenge creates the ideal environment where family and friends can bond together over healthy, interactive funin an urban setting.

The rides and attractions in thisindoor playground replicate the fun & play our previous generation enjoyed in the natural environment away from the cities.

They are designed for guests of all age groups, physical abilities and confidence levels, demonstrating that no matter how old or young you are its time to play.

Here are ESCAPE Challenge, Paradigm Mall Fact Sheet

Quick Facts:  Size: 3500m2

 Business Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 10pm

 Location: Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya

 Number of attractions: 11

Ticket prices:

1-Day Tickets

Future Kid (0 – 3 years old) Free Junior Kid (4 – 12 years old) RM45.50 – RM65

Big Kid (13 – 60 years old) RM68.60 – RM98 Super Kid (61 – 100+) RM45.50 – RM65 (free for Malaysian Super Kids on presentation of their IC at the ticketing counter when accompanied by a paying guest).

2-Day Tickets Future Kid (0 – 3 years old)

FreeJunior Kid (4 – 12 years old) RM67.90 – RM97

Big Kid (13 – 60 years old) RM102.90 – RM147

Super Kid (61 – 100+) RM67.90 – RM97 (free for Malaysian Super Kids on presentation of their IC at the ticketing counter when accompanied by a paying guest).

attractions In escape Paradigm mall:

 Monkey Business –our largest attraction in the park, featuring 56 obstacles across 3 different levels for guests to climb and navigate, including rope courses, ziplines and Tarzan’s swing

 Gecko Tower – a 10m building wall for guests to climb up

 Aerobat – our flying trapeze where visitors can overcome their fear of heights with flying, swinging and catching

 Banana Flip–our signature slide which releases riders from a near-vertical chute 14m above, down the slide which curves upwards at the end, sending riders airborne and onto a landing airbag.

 Atan’s Leap – a 20m platform for guests to take the leap of faith.

 Monkey School –our miniature version of Monkey Business for Future Kids (ages 0-3) and younger Junior Kids (4-12) below 120cm.

 Coco Climb – an 8m coconut tree for guests to climb –literally!

 Zoom Bug –a track where kids (and adults) can ride &brace onself-powered carts

 Airbag – a 2m and 4m platform for guests to jump from, landing onto an airbag

 Slingshot –a reverse bungee where guests are strapped onto tightened elastic cords before being ‘slingshot’ into the air.

 Jumping Jack –a trampoline where guests canjump and try new flips & tricks



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