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Due To High Demand, Uniqlo Will Start Selling Fast-Drying Reusable Face Masks

Due to high customer demand for reusable face coverings, Uniqlo starts selling AIRism masks and from what we heard, the materials are made from the same material used for the brand’s underwear.

Consist of three layers - a UV-protective exterior, a high-performance filter in the middle and a quick-drying interior, the mask is machine-washable with detergent and will remain effective up to 20 washes.

According to the company, they plan to produce 500,000 mask packs per week in China to cater to the growing demand for a comfortable and re-usable mask.

The three-mask pack will be available in Uniqlo’s Japanese stores and on its Japan website from 19 June 2020 and we are hoping that they will cater for our market later on as well.

According to the website, the masks will be selling at 990 yen (RM39.50) and it comes in 3 sizes; S,M and L.

p/s: Please Uniqlo, bring the mask to Malaysia market as well!


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