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Covid-19: AirAsia New Travel Policies [Updated]

As we all know, AirAsia is set to resume its scheduled domestic flights commencing with Malaysia on 29 April 2020, followed by Thailand (1 May 2020), the Philippines (16 May 2020), India (4 May 2020) and Indonesia (7 May 2020), subject to approval from the authorities.

New travel policies will be implemented for all passengers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These will include bringing and wearing a mask on their face before, during and after the flight, as well as during check-ins and bag collection.

Fail to do so, passengers will not be allowed to board the flight according to a statement on AirAsia’s website.

On top of that, cabin baggage policy has also been revised to ensure social distancing, especially during embarkation and disembarkation. The new policy allows only one piece of cabin baggage per person and the baggage cannot be more than 5kg per guest.

[UPDATE]: AirAsia has revised the baggage allocation to 7kg per guest on Tuesday but remains at 1 bag allowed per guest.

This measurement is taken to minimize unnecessary contact between guests, baggage and vice-versa. However, if you wish to travel with more than the permitted cabin baggage limit, for your convenience, AirAsia recommends you to pre-book your checked baggage allowance prior to the cut-off time.

There will also be temperature checks at different checkpoints includes the boarding gates and all passengers and cabin crew must go through the procedure each shift. Floor markers at the queuing area including check-ins counter and kiosk will be available as a guide for social distancing.

Meanwhile, AirAsia Philippines has recently shared a few photos of their uniform amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The new uniform featured red and white coloured PPE suits which were described as “chic and sporty” and was officially launched on a recent recovery flight from Bangkok to Manila.

But; It is unsure whether AirAsia Malaysia will follow suit in implementing such uniforms in the future.



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