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Common Travel Fails And How To Deal With It

There is always an incident that most travellers face at some point of their life or their travel journey, from lost luggage, damaged items, flight delays or even shampoo or any liquid leaks in the suitcase.

Anyhow, here is a few common travels fails and how to handle it like a pro!

#1. Delayed Flight

Call the airline customer service right away to ask the reason for the delay. In some case, the ground handling crew might know and they will provide assistant.

Do note that any changes before the flight is officially grounded will be charged to you.

Depending on the duration of the delayed flight and the airlines; they sometimes allowed you to change your flight before a cancellation happens but if not, they may have certain compensation, voucher or maybe a hotel room. You just need to learn and know your entitlement here.

#2. Miss Your Flight

It can be traffic, it can be your alarm clock or it can be anything. The point is, at some point, there is someone out there that miss their flight (been there too).

Luckily, there is no specific or uniform response to this scenario. Depending on your luck, you can try to talk to the ground crew if there is any flight available next, and if you can rebook yours. Most of the time, there will be one, and you need to buy a new one. But, again, as I said, depending on luck. Sometimes they will allow you to change it without any fees! Experience it in Bali, but the case with me is I arrived too early, and they let me board the earlier plane. =D

#3. Airline Loses Your Bag

Report immediately to the baggage desk to file a claim, and this is key: Make sure you get some sort of receipt or paper evidence as well as a contact number.

Typically you should get your stuff back within 48 hours. In the future, if you stash a set of clothes and essentials in your carry-on just in case, lost luggage won’t be as much of an inconvenience.

 Pro Tips : Divide your items between two suitcases/bag. At least if one goes missing, at least you have half your clothes. 

#4: You Get Sick

If you have travel insurance, you should be able to secure medical treatment with just a quick call. Another option is to contact your embassy and they will help you throughout the process.

#5. Missing Your Passport

Don’t panic, head straight to your embassy or consulate, they will provide the paperwork for passport replacement. If you need it urgently, they can issue a temporary passport, but it is only valid if you are returning home.

Pro Tips : Always carry a digital soft copy of your passport or any important document. I always keep one in Google Drive or Cloud. This will speed up the process and will help you so much. 

#6. Shampoo / Soap / Liquid Explosion In Your Bag

With the pressure change on flights, the scenario has almost commonly happened. The fix is actually easy, just take a damp towel and wipe up the mess. Rinse anything washable in the sink and find a warm area to let it dry.

Pro Tips : Transfer all liquid to screw-top containers and don’t fully fill it. Packed all liquid inside a large zip lock plastic bag or any small waterproof bag. 

In case of spilling, at least your clothes are safe.

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