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Bicycle Are Now Allowed In KTM Komuter

KTM Komuter has confirmed that they are now allowing bicycle riders to bring in their bikes for an additional RM2 fee (promotional price) for now according to KTMB Facebook post last Saturday.

However, there are some terms and conditions that bikers would need to take note.

The route available for this only applicable to :

  1. Port Klang > Tanjung Malim / Batu Caves > Tampin / Pulau Sebang

  2. Padang Rengas > Butterworth

They mention the North Sector is up to Padang Besar, unfortunately it's unavailable due to passenger congestion.

Do take note on the type of bike and timings they are allowed in the coach :

terms and conditions:

  • The bicycle owner needs to be responsible for their own bicycle

  • You must make sure the bike isn’t obstructing the way, or obstructing the doors

  • The bikes must not be left unattended

  • The only KTM Komuter coaches that you’re allowed to bring your bike in are the first or last coaches—or any coach that is the least crowded

  • You can’t ride the bikes at the lobby station, platform or on the coaches

  • The minimum fee will be charged when you bring your bike. You can pay the fee at the counter before you go through the entrance area

  • Foldable bikes should stay folded the entire time at the station and on the train

  • Bike wheels should stay covered if they’re wet or dirty

  • You should also cover any part of the bike that could be dangerous

Note : The minimum fee stated by KTM Komuter is the RM2 “promotional fee”, and it should be paid at the counter before getting through the entrance area. The RM2 fee doesn’t include the train ticket fare you need to pay normally. The regular ticket fares are available to be purchased online.



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