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Best Beaches On Pulau Redang

Redang is one of the larger islands approximately 45km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and famed for its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches and the archipelago consists of nine islands.

With several resorts that try to catch your attention as you reach the island, Redang can be said more upscale compared to neighbouring islands and with rich marine life; snorkelling and also scuba diving are normally offered by each resort or tour operator.

Here are some of the best beaches on Pulau Redang :

1. Teluk Dalam Kecil

Considered the best beach on Pulau Redang and one of the best in Malaysia

Do note that this is a private beach and its home to the exclusive Taaras Beach & Spa Resort (previously known as the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort).

The sand is soft and clean and the sea is generally calm. Rocky outcrops at each end of the beach attract some colourful fish but this is not the best beach for snorkelling unless visitors hire a boat to take them to the nearby coral gardens.

2. Teluk Dalam Besar

Teluk Dalam Besar is the bigger 'sister' of Teluk Dalam Kecil and is separated from it by a rocky headland, which is possible to cross on foot with some care.

Normally; visitors to Taaras will be able to kayak, paddleboat or swim there.

Since there are no hotels on this bay, so making the effort to get there might reward visitors with having the beach to themselves.

This sheltered bay is where local fishing boats rest up during the day after a busy night catching squid with the help of their powerful spot lamps.

3. Pasir Panjang Beach (Long Beach)

Located on the east coast of the island, this is the longest stretch of beach on Pulau Redang.

Most of the resort hotels are located here, including the Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa, Coral Redang Island Resort, Redang Beach Resort, Redang Paradise Resort and Laguna Redang Island Resort. The beach is accessible by boat.

With its crystal-clear waters, this is probably a better snorkelling beach than Teluk Dalam Kecil and it has a coral-free sandy section in the middle for swimming.

4. Pasir Kalong Beach

On the same side of the island as Long Beach, from which it is separated by a headland. There is the Pasir Kalong Beach.

It is an inaccessible beach, except by boat or on foot through jungle trails.

The beach can be divided into two; Teluk Kalong Kecil, where Redang Kalong Resort is located, and Teluk Kalong Besar, where the Redang Mutiara Beach Resort is found.

5. Chagar Hutang Turtle Sanctuary

Pulau Redang is home to the largest population of nesting green turtles in Peninsular Malaysia, although the number is low compared with Sabah.

Chagar Hutang, also known as Turtle Bay, is an official turtle sanctuary and the beach itself is off-limits to visitors.

Snorkellers, who have to get there by boat, are allowed to swim offshore in the deep water.

Reminder : Most of the resorts close down during the rainy season from November until March.

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