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Backpacking 101 : Common Practice of Backpacking

Backpacking can be either rewarding or miserable. There's a lot of things can go horribly wrong while you on your backpacking trip and there are a lot of things to be considered before you start on your backpacking trip.

There is no right or wrong, but there is always basic principles of everything. 

Before you decide to go pack your gear and head out :

Do consider this 3W.
Why, Where, What

1. Why ? 

There must be a good reason or you don't need one to go backpacking, you just feel like to. 

Need a 'me' time, release the tense in the workplace or just to enjoy nature.

Anyhow, this first W you need to answer to determine the way you make the decision and most important planning your trip. 

2. Where?

A good thing about backpacking is the journey, not the destination. Anyhow, you need to have something in mind to make sure you prepare the right gear. Getting basic information regarding the place that you want to head to will be really helpful.

Get a map or study the location beforehand. You don't want to get stranded somewhere unless you expect to have that kind of adventure. If there is any local, just be nice and ask your way around. And maybe you will discover and learn new things from them.

3. What?

Here's a thing about what to pack; expect the unexpected.  You don't need to be Bear Grylls over here, but be prepare of the sudden weather changes maybe. Or to pack enough water to re-hydrate yourself.

Proper planning will ensure you survive these unexpected things. Having appropriate gear, study the environment, your route and duration of stay enable you to have a remarkable journey.

Pro Tips : Wear a comfortable shoe. Since you will be walking a lot. You might consider getting a pair of good and comfortable shoe or sandal. 


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