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All Purple Bunwol Island - The Current Insta-worthy Location In South Korea

A farming community in South Korea has reinvented itself by being a great attraction for the Instagram era.

After being painted with a stunning lilac shadow on the roofs of around 400 buildings on the west coast of South Korea, Banwol Island was known as "the purple island" and from there, people start to swamp the area for 'the gram'.

There are lavender fields, amethyst-hued telephone boxes and a broad purple bridge, in addition.

With the country's borders essentially closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, travel-hungry people are flocking to the area. Between June and August of 2020, more than 100,000 visitors came to Banwol Island, a 20% jump from the previous year.

The project was developt for 2015 as part of the South Jeolla Province branding programme to "create attractive island destinations".

The Small Banwol and Bakji Islands have a combined population of less than 150. After the purple project started, farmers have begun to cultivate kohlrabi and beets, all of which are labelled. The local authority has cultivated 30,000 New England asters and 21,500 square metres of lavender fields.

There are plenty more facilities will made available on the island to accommodate the latest waves of visitors. The island currently includes a café, two restaurants with full service, (one on Bakji and Banwol each), bike rental and a small hotel.

If you are planning to go here, it takes about six hours to get there by bus or private car from Seoul.



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