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AirAsia Introduces Scan2Fly System To Determine Passengers Travel Eligibility

Due to the travel regulations implemented by countries’ governments to break the COVID-19 chain, AirAsia has developed Scan2Fly for the benefit and peace of mind for their guests, as well as the authorities of every country that they fly to.

So far, AirAsia is one of the first airlines in the world that has this capability for the verification of PCR test certificates and other travel-required documents!

Scan2Fly is an AI-based feature that allows you to upload your documents required during self check-in for specific countries due to COVID-19, like a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate or SafeTravel Pass.

This feature takes just a few seconds to analyze your document(s) validity and determine your travel eligibility.

How Scan2Fly Works

  1. Guest scans or uploads the certificate/document during the self check-in process

  2. The AI integrated with AirAsia’s check-in portal analyzes the uploaded document based on several factors required by the destination country:

  • 72-hour validity (or as prescribed) from the date of the sample provided to the clinic or lab

  • Guest’s name must match the certificate/document

  • Type of test done and result

  • The certificate/document’s credibility (whether it is from an accredited clinic or hospital)

3. Within a few seconds, the guest will receive a verification if his/her document details are valid, or a rejection message if the details are invalid.

View more details on the Scan2Fly on AirAsia Official Website.


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