8D6N Jiangnan Special

Huangshan/Qiandao Lake/Haining-Fenjing Ancient Town/Shanghai

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  • Round Trip Air Tickets

  • Private Guided Tour

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  • Travel Insurance

  • China Visa Fee

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

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Day 1 : Kuching / Kuala Lumpur - Shanghai

Proceed to depart Kuching to Kuala Lumpur then to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Day 2 : Shanghai


Shanghai City Chenghuang Temples

Shanghai’s City God Temple in English or Shanghai Chenghuang Miao is the commonest, attractive place and shopping corner for visitors. It is a well-known Taoist temple in that area and is one of must-see attractions when visiting Shanghai.


People ’s Square + Pudong Bridge

People's Square is the site of Shanghai's municipal government headquarters building and the standard reference point for measurement of the distance of almost all highways in the Shanghai municipality is set in the north of the square, near the fountain.

Shanghai Bund Night View + Waibaidu Bridge

Without too much saying, the night view of Shanghai Bund will be one of the must-see scenes in the Shanghai Tour. It may be a picture impressed in our mind lasting for the whole life of us.

Lover Bridge + Huangpu Park


Day 3 : Shanghai - Qiandao Lake - Huangshan Qiandao Lake National Scenic Area

Qiangu Lake Park

Day 4 : Huangshan

Huangshan Scenic Area

Huangshan Mountain Car

Yungu Cable Car

Huangshan Shixin Peak

Black Tiger Pine

Huangshan Lianli Pine

Huangshan Stalagmite

Huangshan Lion Peak

Monkey Watching the Sea

Huangshan Flying Stone

Yuanguan Aoyu Peak

Tiandu Peak

Lotus Peak

Day 5 : Huangshan-Hangzhou

Hangzhou West Lake Walk

Hangzhou Xishan Dazhuhai Forest Park

Hangzhou Elevator Dengcheng God Pavilion

West Lake

Pin Ou Fan

Qiantang River Scenery