7D6N Taiwan Westline


Group Tour Package from RM2,688!*

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  • 6 Nights Accommodations

  • Round Trip Air Tickets

  • Private Guided Tour

  • Travel Insurance

  • Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

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* Price shown is ex Kul, ex Kuhing add-on rm400


Day 1: Kuching / Kuala Lumpur-Taipei

Proceed to depart;

Kuching to Kuala Lumpur then to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

Day 2 : Taipei-Hsinchu


Shifen Station

Shifen is a small town in northeast Taiwan, about an hour’s journey by train from Taipei. It was once a coal mining area but has in recent years transformed itself into a popular tourist attraction.

Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen is a must-see spot when visiting northern Taiwan.

Always teeming with tourists, you might notice that Japanese people make up a huge proportion of the crowds gathered.

Many are keen to catch a glimpse of the setting of Hayao Miyazaki's Academy Award-winning “Spirited Away”, especially the iconic red lanterns.


Daxi Liangjiang Cultural Park

Hsinchu City God Temple

Hsinchu City God Temple (Chenghuang Temple) is regarded as the highest-ranking of all City God temples in Taiwan, due to the superior spiritual power of its City God in protecting the town.

In front of the temple is a market with a lot of small stalls selling delicious Taiwanese snacks, including rice noodles, meat balls, thick cuttlefish broth, and Zhuqian Biscuit (Zhuqian is the original name of Hsinchu).

Night Market


Day 3 :


Neiwan Old Street

Neiwan Old Street is lined with traditional wooden architectures and stores. Stroll along this street visitors will be embraced with reminiscent atmosphere, as well as a gourmet feast, including ginger lily-flavoured glutinous rice, Hakka tea, Hakka rice cakes (muachi), etc.


Miaoli Hakka Cultural Park

The Hakka, who make up about one-fifth of the Han population in Taiwan, has a long history of periodic migration—hence the name Hakka, which literally means “guest people.”

The centre, a green building constructed with large amounts of glass on the outside to blend in with the local terrain.

Mitsui Outlet in Taichung-Gaomei wetland-Yizhong shopping district.