6 Of Selangor’s Stunning Architecture

If you are looking for a destination that offers unique and interesting architecture; why not

check Selangor out? Witness for yourself the State’s many fascinating and mesmerizing

buildings when the right time comes. Most of the buildings’ built were influenced by local

heritage and beliefs. Here are 6 examples of Selangor’s stunning architecture for you to

appreciate in the future! - #ImagineNowExperienceSoon!

1) Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery, Klang

Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery is located in Royal Klang Town. It was formerly known as

the Sultan Suleiman Shah Building. This stunning Gallery showcases the history and

heritage of the Sultanate of Selangor which dated as early as 1766, and features impressive


Sultan Abdul Aziz Royal Gallery was built magnificently in 1909, taking a colonial

design and built by a British architect, Arthur B. Hubback. The Gallery was established in

honour of HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj and opened to the public on November

1st , 2007.

Do not miss the chance to see this breath-taking building which offers precious historical experience too!

2) Sri Shakti Devasthanam Temple, Kuala Selangor

Sri Shakti Devasthanam is the only temple in the world with a manifestation which comprises

a total of 51 Shakti statues along its internal corridor. Consciously-interspersed within the

space are 96 carved pillars depicting 96 principles of Hinduism.

The temple is located approximately 9.5 kilometres from Kuala Selangor district, and was built in accordance to the ancient scriptures such as Veda, Agamas and Sirpa (architecture) Sastras.

This architecture also incorporates all of the structures of an Amman Temple according to religion of Hindu. Another of its stunning feature is the main door - sculptured granite weighing up to 4 tons and carved at 18-foot high by a skilled craftsman from Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India.

3) Bandar Palace, Banting

Bandar Palace which is also known as the Alaedin Palace was built in 1899, located about

15 kilometres from Banting Town and near to the Bandar Mosque.