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5 Sarawak’s Must Have Souvenir And Where To Find Them

Stretching 800km along the northwest coast of Borneo, Sarawak is not only the third largest island in Malaysia but it also the largest state.

Sarawak biodiversity and traditions have made it one of the prime destination for travellers from all around the world that are looking for vibrant culture, wonderful adventure and of course; breath-taking nature.

While most of the traveller chooses to keep beautiful photos, videos and others; it is undeniable that a trip or journey will be extra special if there is something unique that ties up the experience and create a thoughtful memory.

Souvenir; originated from a French word that translated as “a remembrance or memory”, can be in various forms of objects or something that can be collected throughout our journey such as beach sands, pebbles, shells or it can be bought and brought back home; a postcard for example.

Hence; if you are travelling to Sarawak and looking for gift ideas, here are the best souvenirs for you to bring home and where to find your ideal souvenirs for your family and friends.

#1. Pua Kumbu

Besides being used for ceremonial purposes, Pua Kumbu is also used as daily wear or as a fashion statement or decorative pieces.

Pua Kumbu is a traditional ceremonial cotton cloth that contains elaborate motifs and normally it is an integral part of the culture, folklore and even life of the Iban tribe in the state.

If you are intended to get one as a souvenir, look for a shop called Fabriko that located at India Street.

#2. Sarawak Layered Cake (Kek Lapis Sarawak)

Kek lapis is a delicious and sweet cake that baked layer by layer for several hours and it’s the signature dessert of Sarawak. Some of it will be stacked up and this will create fancy and unique patterns that only found in the layered cake of Sarawak.

The attention to detail of the pattern and motives will surely grab your attention.

As the most famous dessert, you may find the cake easily but the notable one would be Mira Cake House located in Kampung Boyan, and there are few others at Kuching Waterfront.

#3. Pottery

Produced by highly-skilled craftsmen and artisans, vases are made of different sizes, shapes and colour. Normally, it will have a unique design and hand-painted Sarawak motifs.

If you are into pottery or looking something that can be used as decorative items, an earthenware will surely make a great souvenir and will remind you of the journey to Sarawak.

It can easily be purchased directly from pottery factory or souvenir shop.

#4. Tribal Bags / Rattan Bag

Combining beautiful tribal design and practicality, the Sarawak tribal bags or purses can be the perfect accompaniments to your daily look, just imagine adding a touch of tribal chic to you overall get-up.

As unique as the state, each Sarawak tribe will have its unique and distinctive design that represents their culture.

Since the bag is quite popular souvenirs, it can easily found in most souvenir shop, one of it is at the Main Bazaar or Kuching Waterfront Bazaar.



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