5 Design Ideas From Holiday Villas That You Can Try For Your Home

Holiday villas, chalets and resorts all have that one thing in common — they make you feel like you never want to leave and wish that our home have the same vibe!

Fret not, we have 5 interior design inspiration for you as guidance. If you want your house to have the same feeling as your last holiday villas, you might want to try these :

Conceal room entrances

By concealing your doorways; it will make things sleek and seamless. Since less visual will definitely give the illusion of you are having a spacious room, it is one of the best ideas for a small-sized bedroom.

Zoning with platforms

Platforms are great for many things, one of which is to zone out the different areas in an open space and it can be done by using different heights. In a bedroom, the sitting area, sleeping zone and the workstation can be demarcated clearly thanks to the use of a platform.

Symmetry works

The easiest way to make a bedroom come together quickly is by following 'the symmetrical rule' - whereby the elements are the same on both sides of an axis, the design feels harmonious.

Don’t go entirely identical as it will look a bit too formal.

Mix things up with a different patterned cushion or by varying the décor on both sides.

Staircase storage

The space under the stairs is one way to bring in more storage to your space.

Instead of going with the usual carpentry, how about you make it into a cosy nook with recessed niches for displaying decor.