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5 Common Type Of Travellers, Which One Are You?

Each traveller has their own way and interestingly, the word “travel” might carry different meanings to each as well. For me, travel is not about the destination; but the experience that comes within.

For some, it’s a way to spend ‘me’ time or quality time with friends or family.

Here are the 5 different types of travellers – and we bet that you’ll find yourself in one of these common categories of traveller:

#1. The Instagrammer

Let be honest here, we all are – or not! Normally, the Instagrammer will have one basic rules, which is anything aesthetic, beautiful and will get a lot of likes in a single post.

But that's not the only point. The Instagrammer is also constantly checking the related hashtag and location tag to ‘hunt’ for picturesque spots and join the hype.

Having this type of traveller in your group meaning that he or she will make sure you get the BEST shot you possibly can.

#2. The Shopaholic

The shopaholic will know how to pack like a pro and the usage of foldable bags. Usually, they will know where to find great deals, the hot places and for sure, they shop and bargain like a local.

They usually appreciate and supports the local arts and crafts scene and their days will have one or maybe more stop at the souvenir shop, mall or anywhere that they can find their things to buy.

On a quick note, do prepare mentally and maybe physically if they are in your group.

p/s : I love to visit the local thrift store or the local shop while travelling. You might be surprised what you can find there!

#3. The Adventurer

This is the travel buddy you’d want if you want to explore the hidden gem or if you want to go somewhere untouched. Usually, they tend to spend less time in the hotels and always on the go!

Just be prepared with comfortable walking shoes or maybe hiking shoe as well.

Besides, they are not afraid to explore new places and trust me, they are easily approached and always know how to blend in with the local.

#4. The Foodie

We all are right?

This traveller has only one objective, to get as much authentic food experience as possible, it can be local delicacies, café-hopping, or maybe visit all the instagrammable places to eat. Yes, they get along well with ‘the Instagrammer’ too.

The foodie normally takes lead when it comes to search for places to eat; this also means that you might face a situation where you need to queue up for your food.

Pro Tips : Always bring extra snacks if you know the place will be crowded or at least eat something beforehand.

#5. The ‘Historian’

This traveller enjoys visiting historical and cultural landmarks that you maybe have heard of but can’t understand well the significance of the location.

Usually, travelling with them is like travelling with Google – they will simply know facts or trivia regarding the places.

So, which one are you? Or, you have everything or more than one preferences?

Well, there is no right or wrong over here, as long as we enjoy our journey, respect the culture and at the end of the day, we surely have a wonderful journey.

p/s : You might want to check out our Kuching Leisure Trip, it is suitable for any type of travellers too!


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