10 Days Quarantine Guide For Foreigners Entering Malaysia

The government of Malaysia has imposed compulsory quarantine orders at the Quarantine Stations set by the Government of Malaysia.

Starting 24 July 2020 , all individuals entering Malaysia through the International Entry Point (Pintu Masuk Utama - PMA) are required to bear the quarantine costs. Individuals who are subject to quarantine orders will be referred to as Persons Under Surveillance (PUS).

Based on the guideline released by National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) Malaysia, we prepare these 14 Days Quarantine Guide For Foreigners Entering Malaysia (reduced to 10 days from 14 December).


The Quarantine Period upon entering Malaysia is fourteen (14) days, or any period stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


The Quarantine Station, including hotels or any other premises, is a place of isolation and health observation that has been gazetted under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342).


One of the most asked question everywhere is how much the cost of quarantine in Malaysia.

From the information we obtain; the quarantine rates are as follows:

Malaysian Citizens: 100% of the hotel's maximum rate of RM150 per person per day, for a period specified by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Non-Citizens (including dependant): Maximum rate of RM150 per day per person, for a period specified by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

People with Disabilities (OKU cardholders of the Social Welfare Department): The cost of the Quarantine will be borne by the Government.

Rough calculation based on 10 days COMPULSORY Quarantine period, the cost of hotel will be around : RM1500 - for hotels only. Now

Do note that PUS will have to pay a deposit / full payment to the Management of Quarantine Station during the check-in process. Credit card usage is encouraged.

Any balance of payment or refund will be made upon checkout.

Rough Calculation 
Cost of mandatory quarantine to Malaysia :

RM 1500 (hotel) (Based on maximum rate of 150/day x 10 day mandatory quarantine period)

RM 240 (tests) - Malaysian | RM430 - Non Malaysian 
*details will be explained later in this article

Total Covid-19 Quarantine Fee In Malaysia : 
RM1740 - Malaysian
RM1930 - Non-Malaysian


Not everyday we know someone who enter the country right? So, since we have the access, this how 14 days quarantine time in Malaysia looks like.

Before Arrival

All individuals entering Malaysia starting 24 July 2020 must:

i) Sign a Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LoU) that look like this :

>>> Download Here <<<

ii) Obtain a Letter of Approval (Entry Permit) from an accredited Malaysian Mission

Individuals wishing to enter Malaysia must comply with the conditions of entry set by the Immigration Department of Malaysia or Malaysian Government Agencies.

Each applicant must submit the relevant documents and the completed LoU via email to the relevant Malaysian Mission, at least three days before the date of departure. The email address of the relevant Malaysian Mission can be found at: https://www.kln.gov.my/web/guest/malaysianmission

Do note that the Malaysia Entry Permit are subject to approval and the Malaysian Mission will issue a Letter of Entry Permit to Malaysia by email.

iii) Present the Letter of Approval from Malaysian Mission to Airlines, Other Public Transport Companies, and Immigration Department of Malaysia

A letter of approval from the Malaysian Mission must be presented during the flight / public transport check-in process. Failure to present this letter may result in the person being denied permission to board the aircraft, or other public transportations.

Failure to comply with the instructions outlined by the Government of Malaysia will complicate the registration procedures at the entry point
IMPORTANT : All incoming individuals are subject to the quarantine order and non-compliance to the instruction will result in legal action.  The Immigration Department reserves the right to issue Not-to-Land (NTL) Order to non-Citizens without the LoU. 

iv) Install, activate, and register MySejahtera mobile online application

The mobile online application can be downloaded from Apple Appstore, Google Playstore and Huawei App Gallery.

Essential information such as travel information (date and time, flight information, port of embarkation) as well as health declaration need to be registered in MySejahtera at least one (1) day from date of departure.


v) COVID-19 test (rT-PCR / RTK-Ag) before entering Malaysia

Travellers to Malaysia are not required to take the COVID-19 test before departure.

However, travellers are advised to check with the Airlines on any requirements to take COVID-19 tests before boarding the aircraft.

Arrival at the International Gate

Upon arrival at the Airport or any International Gate, the traveller (referred as the PUS) will go through the following process:

a. Health Inspection and Screening at the International Gate (PMA) by Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH)

(i) Health screening will be conducted at PMA. PUS showing COVID-19 symptoms will be referred to the hospital for further treatment;

(ii) COVID-19 test will be conducted at the arrival hall of PMA;

(iii) PUS will bear the fee for COVID-19 tests carried out at the PMA. The fees are as follows:

Total Fee For Covid-19 Detection Kit To Enter Malaysia: RM240 ( Malaysian) | RM430 (Non-Malaysians)

iv) Health Assessment Tool (HAT) will be provided for PUS self-monitoring purposes throughout the quarantine period.

b. Registration at the International Entry Point (PMA)

(i) PUS registration at PMA is coordinated by the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) and the Malaysian Civil-Defence (APM).

The Secretariat will coordinate the registration procedures and logistical arrangements at KLIA1, KLIA2 or any other entrances via air, sea and land throughout Malaysia;

(ii) PUS must present the LoU to the Secretariat at PMA;

(iii) The Secretariat will coordinate the movement of PUS from PMA to the designated Quarantine Station; and (iv) PUS is not allowed to choose Quarantine Station.

c. Immigration, Customs and Logistics arrangement to the designated Quarantine Station

(i) The PUS will undergo a regular check-in process through Customs and Immigration counters;

(ii) The Secretariat will arrange transportation to the designated Quarantine Station;

(iii) The Immigration Department will issue Not-to-Land (NTL) Order to non-Citizens without the LoU; and

(iv) PUS with personal vehicles –

• The PUS will have to drive / ride the vehicle to the designated Quarantine Station under the supervision of the authorities. PUS are not allowed to drive / ride to the Quarantine Station individually.

• The PUS must surrender the car keys to the management of Quarantine Station and the keys shall be returned to PUS upon discharge.

• The Government of Malaysia shall not be responsible on the safety of PUS’ vehicles throughout the quarantine period.

PUS Management at Quarantine Stations

Registration/ Check In

(i) PUS will go through the registration process at the Quarantine Station under the administration of Quarantine Station Secretariat led by APM;

(ii) PUS will submit the LoU to the Quarantine Station management; and

(iii) Deposit and / or full payment will be made to the Quarantine Station management before PUS can check in to the designated room.

During Quarantine

(i) PUS will undergo a 14-day quarantine period (or any period specified by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia); [10 days quarantine - the latest SOP as 14 December]

(ii) Officials from other relevant government agencies are stationed at all Quarantine Stations to assist in the management of Quarantine Stations, welfare, safety and health inspections throughout the quarantine period;

(iii) One (1) room shall be occupied by only one (1) PUS.

However, any applications to place more PUS in one room shall be referred to the Health Officer of Ministry of Health for approval;

(iv) Food and drinks will be provided at the Quarantine Station three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner);

Food delivery schedule as below :

Breakfast 7.00am

Lunch 1.00pm

Dinner 7.00pm

Menu as per below:

There are also optional add-ons snacks to be purchased

(v) Personal laundry services will be done / borne by PUS;

(vi) PUS is responsible for his / her own luggage;

(vii) PUS will conduct daily self-health assessments and report to the Quarantine Station personnel if he / she starts to experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by the Ministry of Health;

(viii) PUS will be notified on the mode of communication with Government Officers and Quarantine Station personnel via telephone / SMS / WhatsApp / Telegram mobile applications;

(ix) PUS must comply with all SOPs and advice from the Quarantine Station personnel. Some restrictions at Quarantine Station are as follows:

• PUS are not allowed to leave the room;

• PUS are not allowed to gather;

• The Quarantine Station is a no-smoking zone;

• Food delivery services such as Grabfood, Food Panda and others are not allowed; and

• Visitors are not allowed.

(x) PUS who are tested positive for COVID-19 (subsequently known as Patient Under Investigation – PUI) will be transferred to the nearby hospital for COVID-19 treatment.

All PUI belongings at the hotel will be taken to the hospital and the cost of the quarantine shall be settled accordingly by PUI. Refunds will be made by the hotel management.


These are the meals that PUS will receive during the whole quarantine period :

Note : Flight of the PUS arrived at KLIA around 1 p.m and by the time to reach at the quarantine hotel, it's dinner time.