10 Days Quarantine Guide For Foreigners Entering Malaysia

The government of Malaysia has imposed compulsory quarantine orders at the Quarantine Stations set by the Government of Malaysia.

Starting 24 July 2020 , all individuals entering Malaysia through the International Entry Point (Pintu Masuk Utama - PMA) are required to bear the quarantine costs. Individuals who are subject to quarantine orders will be referred to as Persons Under Surveillance (PUS).

Based on the guideline released by National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) Malaysia, we prepare these 14 Days Quarantine Guide For Foreigners Entering Malaysia (reduced to 10 days from 14 December).


The Quarantine Period upon entering Malaysia is fourteen (14) days, or any period stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


The Quarantine Station, including hotels or any other premises, is a place of isolation and health observation that has been gazetted under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342).


One of the most asked question everywhere is how much the cost of quarantine in Malaysia.

From the information we obtain; the quarantine rates are as follows:

Malaysian Citizens: 100% of the hotel's maximum rate of RM150 per person per day, for a period specified by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Non-Citizens (including dependant): Maximum rate of RM150 per day per person, for a period specified by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

People with Disabilities (OKU cardholders of the Social Welfare Department): The cost of the Quarantine will be borne by the Government.

Rough calculation based on 10 days COMPULSORY Quarantine period, the cost of hotel will be around : RM1500 - for hotels only. Now

Do note that PUS will have to pay a deposit / full payment to the Management of Quarantine Station during the check-in process. Credit card usage is encouraged.

Any balance of payment or refund will be made upon checkout.

Rough Calculation 
Cost of mandatory quarantine to Malaysia :

RM 1500 (hotel) (Based on maximum rate of 150/day x 10 day mandatory quarantine period)

RM 240 (tests) - Malaysian | RM430 - Non Ma