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Sarawak Packages

Sarawak is known to be the largest state in Malaysia that has a diverse of ethnicity, cultural, traditions. It is also home to vast amount of exotics flora and fauna.

The varieties of foods, and welcoming community are truly what makes Sarawak your perfect destination for a relaxing holiday.




Semenggoh Orang Utan + Jong's Crocodile
实蒙谷红毛猩猩 + 杨氏鳄鱼场
RM 200/pax

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For any bookings and inquiries about our packages, call +6017 905 0309 or click the Whatsapp link or drop us an email at 
+6017 905 0309 或单击 Whatsapp 链接 或发送电子邮件至

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