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Ground Packages

Holiday but on a budget? We also provide personalized ground packages for our clients that is affordable. Our ground packages are also unique and flexible to our clients interest, needs and budget. Worry not! Book with us now.



Silabur Cave

Package Includes :

• Entrance Fee

• English Speaking Guide

• Packed Lunch

• Return Transfers

* Pickup Time 0730hrs

* Return 1530hrs


Additional Information :

Tour duration - 8 Hours


配套包括 :

• 入场费

• 英语导游

• 盒装午餐

• 来回接送

* 取件时间 0730hrs

* 返回 1530hrs


附加信息 :

游览时长 – 8 小时

For any bookings and inquiries about our packages, call +6017 905 0309 or click the Whatsapp link or drop us an email at 
+6017 905 0309 或单击 Whatsapp 链接 或发送电子邮件至

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