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Cruise Tour

游轮 / 游艇

Discover new destination and travel like never before with our special Cruise Tour packages. Enjoy every bits of your journey at sea with relaxation perfectly for single, couples and family.


通过我们的特别游轮旅游套餐, 探索新的目的地并享受前所未有的旅行。适合单身人士,

情侣和家庭, 尽情放松地享受海上旅程的点点滴滴。


Day / Sunset
G.P 38 Langkawi Cruise
日落 G.P 38 浮罗交怡游艇


Day / Sunset
Langka B Langkawi Cruise
日落 Langka B 浮罗交怡游艇


Day / Sunset
Kiss D & D Langkawi Cruise
日落 Kiss D & D 浮罗交怡游艇

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 11.35.41 AM.png

Day / Sunset
Lumlee Langkawi Cruise
日落Lumlee 浮罗交怡游艇

For any bookings and inquiries about our packages, call +6017 905 0309 or click the Whatsapp link or drop us an email at 
+6017 905 0309 或单击 Whatsapp 链接 或发送电子邮件至


**All prices are subject to change

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