Flip Your Work-game with Comfort and Convenience With These Work From Hotels Promo In Selangor!

A shift of atmosphere once in a while would not hurt. Especially amidst a global pandemic which led (almost) everyone to be in a state of caution and worry most of the time. The stress may take a toll on your work productivity.

Working from home has now become a new norm we have been familiarized with. To some, a home may not be the best place to focus on their work. Maybe for once (or more) it is time to hop-on-the rising trend of working-from-hotel for a change and a boost of productivity.

The State of Selangor is home to a vast list of hotels offering top-notch facilities and quality service hospitality. Brought to you, are 10 of the hotels in Selangor offering work-from-hotel packages shall it is time to flip your work-game.

For those who are living in Selangor, and nearby areas (without breaking the inter-district travel restriction); many hotel operators in the State are offering work-from-hotel packages for your comfort and convenience.

1) Première Hotel Klang

Rate starts at RM160. For more information: Premiere Hotel Klang

2) New World, Petaling Jaya Hotel

Rate starts at RM160. For more information: New World PJ Hotel

3) De Palma Group of Hotels & Resort

Rate starts at RM 35. For more information: De Palma Group of Hotels & Resort