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2021 Travel Trends

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on travel in 2020.

As we look into 2021, we believe these impacts will continue to be felt in a number of ways.

Firstly, continued remote working, and in some cases, remote schooling, will upend traditional vacation seasons and blur the lines between working and travelling. Secondly, safety and cleanliness will continue to be top of mind for travellers, driving a preference for private, entire homes overcrowded hotels.

Thirdly, international travel, especially long haul, will continue to be impacted and finally, having been isolated for much of 2020, people will want to use travel to reconnect with friends and family in safe and controlled ways. 

In 2021, travelling will continue to be less about tourism and more about living, working and connecting safely away from home.

Based on commissioned survey data of US travellers and analysis of search and booking data for next year, Airbnb is revealing the top three trends redefining travel in 2021:

Live Anywhere – Taking Life on the Road

In 2021, work from home could become work from any home as remote working continues to be a reality for many people.

One of the ways travellers are taking advantage of this trend is trying before they buy–turning to Airbnb to test new neighbourhoods and cities before making a long-term commitment.

Redefining the Staycation 

Domestic travel will continue to be a key trend in 2021, with 62 percent of people interested in taking a vacation within driving distance of home - according to the data gathered by Airbnb.

Although most travel will remain closer to home in 2021, that doesn’t mean travellers aren’t having new, exciting adventures where they’re staying. Guests are expanding their horizons and seeking unique travel experiences by staying in one-of-a-kind stays on Airbnb.

Entire homes have officially replaced apartments as the top space type among guests in 2021, providing controlled, private space for everyone. More off the beaten path stays like cabins and cottages crack the top five space types for 2021 trips, replacing villas and townhouses from 2020.

The Rise of Pod Travel 

2020 has made the craving for fundamental human connection very real, and this resonates in how people are thinking about travel in 2021. In fact, relocating permanently or temporarily to live close to family is favoured by 85 percent of survey respondents.

“Pod” travel is here to stay for those who want to safely be together while reducing risks associated with socializing with others.

Despite the uncertainty that continues to pervade people’s lives, the more they stay at home, the more the thought of getting out gives them confidence in the future.

*Based on a survey commissioned by Airbnb and conducted by ClearPath Strategies from September 15-19, 2020 of 1,010 US adults.



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